The powerful platform

Montel Tradenode

The easiest way to succeed in energy and stock trading!


Montel Tradenode offers a powerful platform for charting, backtesting and automated trading!

Energy Market

Montel Tradenode give you all the tools you need to trade at the Energy Market!

Stock Market

Trade at the stock market with access 10 years of history!

MultiCharts an award-winning trading client that we recommend that you use together with Montel TradeNodes platform.

Real Time Data

We deliover fast, reliable and high quality data for the Scandinavian stock and derivatives markets.

Active Trading

Montel TradeNode AB is specialized in trading, real time, history. We provides an integrated platform built on the latest technology.


One of our specialties is data cleaning and providing real time data and time series which are particularly suitable for analysis.

Who are we?

Montel TradeNode offers a platform for professional charting and trading that makes it possible to easily use many of the best software for analyses and trading in the market.

Most trading software require  a database that hold trade history. Montel TradeNode provides you with up to 20 years history with daily and minute data . Montel TradeNode offer our customers a total and professional  solution.

Our business is based on helping the user to have a complete system for analyses of data , charting and trading


What does our users think?

Our number one priority is to satisfy the needs of our clients. 

I highly recommend to try out Montel Tradenodes products. I use  Montel  Tradenodes pricefeed for energy and financial markets in Multicharts on a daily basis. I have used  their  pricefeed for several years and is very satisfied. The reliability of the pricefeed, and customerservice is excellent.  


Tussa Energy

I am one of Montels TradeNodes  oldest customers and I have used this system for many years. I basically use the platform for analyses and  I am very impressed about the quality of their data and the great service. For a serious trader this is necessary to use these tools which Montel TradeNode provide. The combination of great service and excellent quality of data and real time feed is making this product top class.

Peter S.

Stockholm, Trader

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