Data Feed Products

Data Feed Products

Montel Tradenode AB develops a market data and trading platform that allows you to easily access many of the top ranked software packages for analysis and trading.

Professional customers can easily integrate proprietary systems such as portfolio systems, algorithmic trading models with the Montel Tradenode platform.

Montel Tradenode delivers quality assured data from the energy and the financial markets as well as tailor-made instruments adapted to our customer needs .

Montel Tradenode recommends MultiChart as front end for our system.

Realtime Data and history for the Stock market

  • OMX Nasdaq Nordic   Stockholm
  • OMX Nasdaq Nordic   Copenhagen
  • OMX Nasdaq Nordic   Helsinki
  • OMX Nasdaq Nordic   Oslo
  • OM
  • Oslo Stock Exchange
  • NGM
  • Forex Spot
  • Metals ( Gold-Siler-Palladium and Platinium)

Data Provided by Millistream AB

Active Trading

  • OMX Nasdaq Nordic-Oslo-Stockholm-Copenhagen
  • Oslo Stockexchange
  • NGM

Energy Market Realtime data and history

  • Nord Pool
  • EEX
  • Spectron
  • Icap
  • ICE
  • SEB-Currency
  • Forex
  • PNX
  • GFI