Energy Market

Realtime data, Analyses and Risk for the Energy Market

Montel TradeNodes platform offers total flexibility and a variety of opportunities. Choose from the best analysis software on the market and get access to unique time series. Montel TradeNode provides a powerful front-end solution on demand histories, which require no storage. Continuous contract series for all major energy contracts, which Montel TradeNode is unique in offering.

TradeNode offer ondemand  real time feed for energy-customers for  the following markets:

  • NPE – NordPool
  • EEX – European Energy Exchange
  • ICE – Intercontinental Exchange,PNX – PowerNext
  • SEB – Currency, Forwards, Swaps
  • ICAP,Spectron,Gfi
  • and several more

Also energy customers can subscribe to Oslo Stock-exchange and OMX Nordic

TradeNode recommend MultiCharts as a front end for real time market scanning, advanced technical analysis ,automated trading , portfolio backtesting and email-alerts.

TradeNode also supply real time feeds through the following front ends: Multicharts, TradeStation 2000i . Advanced GET, Elwave and Excel DotNet Plugin.