Real Time Data

Real time data for stocks,indexes and futures for the Scandinavian markets

We  deliver fast, reliable and high quality  data  for the Scandinavian stock and derivatives markets.

Complete history  for several years, both daily and minute data

Montel Tradenode cover the following Scandinavian markets:

Real time data provided by Millistream AB

Real time data for Indexes and futures for the European energy markets

We  deliver fast, reliable and high quality  data  for the European energy markets.

Complete history for several years, both daily and minute data

Montel Tradenode cover the following energy markets

  • NPE – Nord Pool
  • EEX – European Energy Exchange
  • ICE – Intercontinental Exchange,
  • PNX – Powernext
  • SEB – Currency, Forwards, Swaps
  • ICAP,Spectron,Gfi and several more

Real time data provided by Montel AS

Realtime for stocks,indexes and futures for the Scandinavian markets

  • Complete history of several years for both daily and minute data
  • Advanced manual  trading solutions
  • Automated trading with MultiCharts and TradeStation

Montel TradeNode AB is specialized in trading, real time, history . Montel TradeNode provides an integrated platform built on the latest technology. Trading can be done manually, semi-automatically or fully automatically based on a technical analysis system. Montel  TradeNode provides data and tradable links with a range of market analysis software.

MultitCharts  is a great  front-end for real-time market-scanning, advanced technical analysis, trading and portfolio backtesting.

Tradestation2000i supply customers with advanced strategy building and automatic trading through TradeNode TradeCenter.

Both MultiCharts and Tradestation2000i are enabled for automatic trading  with the Montel TradeNode platform.


  • User specific time series for different types of analyses
  • Customized self-calculated index
  • Dividend adjusted time series of portfolio analysis
  • Continuous Front Contracts futures series with different back-adjustment methodology.

One of our specialties is data cleaning and providing real time data and time series which are particularly suitable for analysis. By allowing the user to choose among the leading software for analyzing and trading, we have created a service that is becoming unique of its kind in Europe. By integrating trade and connect the research function to a commercial depot increases both the customer’s ability to trade powerfully and  total trading volume significantly.

Realtime data , Analyses and Risk for the Energy Market

Montel TradeNodes platform offers total flexibility and a variety of opportunities. Choose from the best analysis software on the market and get access to unique time series. Montel TradeNode provides a powerful front-end solution on demand histories, which require no storage. Continuous contract series for all major energy contracts, which Montel TradeNode is unique in offering.

TradeNode offer ondemand  real time feed for energy-customers for  the following markets:

  • NPE – NordPool
  • EEX – European Energy Exchange
  • ICE – Intercontinental Exchange,PNX – PowerNext
  • SEB – Currency, Forwards, Swaps
  • ICAP,Spectron,Gfi
  • and several more

Also energy customers can subscribe to Oslo Stock-exchange and OMX Nordic

TradeNode recommend MultiCharts as a front end for real time market scanning, advanced technical analysis ,automated trading , portfolio backtesting and email-alerts.

TradeNode also supply real time feeds through the following front ends: Multicharts, TradeStation 2000i . Advanced GET, Elwave and Excel DotNet Plugin.

Tradenode Software

Tradenode Gateway is the hub at the client side and client software to the Tradenode platform. The gateway facilitates the customer to build custom made software or trading system via Tradenode SDK and streams price data and/or trade via Tradenode attached brokers.

Tradenode MultiCharts plugin uses the Tradenode Gateway to facilitate trading and real-time market data in MultiChart. The Tradenode MultiCharts plugin facilitates multibroker technology and automatic trading through the Tradenode platform.

TradeNode Cacheserver connects different front platforms to TradeNode Gateway.Programs which can be used towards our feed are Tradestation2000i, Ninjatrader, Advance Get and several more.

TradeNode Tradecenter connects Tradestation2000i to automatic trading.Several advanced options are possible in TradeNode TradeCenter. Long only, short only, long and short, reverse signals, start next, stop next, multibroker technology included basket orders and much more.

Email alerts in real time charts

Email alerts is very important for traders. Our front software can send email alerts both from real time charts and our real time scanner.

Adjusted front contracts

Montel TradeNode has a big variety of different front contracts. Here is a view of a Front contract for coal from different data feeds


You can scan the market with your Montel Tradenode Feed and get candlesticks signals or any other indicator

By using pre scanner function in MultiCharts. You can scan market for potential setups